Flamenco/World Guitarist


Classic flamenco, Latin American guitar and original pieces. All in the repertoire of Andalusia-educated guitarist Afra Rubino. Trained by Spanish masters in her craft she presently operates from her native Gothenburg.


ECHO is a duo performance where Afra Rubino together with flamenco dancer Pia “Del Norte” interacts with the acoustics of different spaces and use loops to build soundscapes.

This video was made to present the project at Dansmässan 2021.

The Double Bass Project

The Double Bass Project consists of Afra Rubino on flamenco guitar and Peter Janson on double bass and is Afra’s first recording project (recorded in 2017). With modern interpretations of ancient melodies, self-composed material and improvisations, the project mixes the history of flamenco with a contemporary feel in an atempt to make Time cease to exist.

Carmen Recycled

Carmen Recycled is a multisensory experience that boils down Merimée’s and Bizet’s famous opera Carmen to an hour-long experience of power, love and owning the right to your own story. On stage, we meet four people, trained in flamenco dance, woodwind instruments, guitar and vocals. They’re all Carmen.

“For having carried on the flamenco guitar tradition into the twentieth century during ten years. A dazzling technique that comes from years of practice and passion for the innermost essence of guitar music.”

The jury’s motivation, Guitar People’s Prize.

Winner of Up & Coming 2017