The Midnight Andalusians

A concerto with flamenco guitar and string quartet. Flamenco rhythms mix with wild improvisations, past becomes present in baroque turns and north becomes south when the midnight sun meets the Andalusian night.

Upcoming shows


Upcoming shows


We ask ourselves the question: What exactly is a Fandango? Maybe it’s the meaning of life itself! For “he who doesn’t dance, he limps”, as the Spanish satirical magazine El Zurriago wrote in 1821.

Ann snurr
Agnes Irene Midnight Andalusians

Flamenco guitarist Afra Rubino is the initiator of The Midnight Andalusians and acts as arranger and composer. The project has been developed together with violinists Sofia Högstadius and Sara Nilsson, viola player Agnes Högberg and cellist Emma Augustsson.


Afra Rubino is trained by Spanish guitar masters. She is involved in running the flamenco scene FlamencoFredag ​​in Stockholm, tours with her project The Double Bass Project together with double bass player Peter Janson (Änglaspel, Lars Jansson, Per-Henrik Wallin) and as a solo act at guitar festivals in the Nordics and in Europe.

Sofia Högstadius is a violinist with roots in Umeå and the heart in folk music from Bulgaria. She’s passionate about equality, musical expression, improvisation and teaching. She’s devoted to music, challenges, swing, the meeting with new audiences and the communication with fellow musicians.

Sara Nilsson is a violinist trained at the University of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. Her influences range from classical Arabic music to Swedish/Norwegian folk music as well as free improvisation and baroque. She is heard with bands such as Dagny, Bosphorus ensemble and in flamenco guitarist Robert “Robi” Svärd’s group.

Agnes Högberg is a violinist often heard playing with the bands Bortre rymden and De Stora Hattarna, but who is also heard playing in various musical projects in Gothenburg.

Emma Augustsson is a cellist, singer and composer from Borås. Her music revolves around jazz, folk and classical music with its own expressive language. Collaborates often and preferably interdisciplinary within contemporary dance, theater and visual arts.