The Double Bass Project

"The Double Bass Project" consists of Afra Rubino on flamenco guitar and Peter Janson on double bass. With modern interpretations of ancient melodies, self-composed material and improvisations, this dynamic duo mixes the history of flamenco with a contemporary breath so that Time ceases to exist.

Upcoming shows
Upcoming shows

This is Afra Rubino’s first self-directed project. The starting point is Afra’s love for the double bass and the desire to combine flamenco guitar with double bass. This led to the recording of an EP in 2017 and the duo have been touring Sweden and the Nordic countries ever since.

Double Bass Project

Peter Janson has been active on the Swedish and international improvisation scene for over 30 years and has come to be known as “Sweden’s most imaginative bass player”. In addition to his own projects and ensembles, he has played with Ken Vandermark, Trilok Gurtu, Per-Henrik Wallin, Roland Keijser, Mats Gustavsson, Okay Temiz, Radiojazzgruppen and Änglaspel to name a few.

The EP also contains a collaboration with the soprano Helena Ek. Here, lamento bass lines from the 17th century are tied together with Andalusian cadences in the Soleá flamenco style.


Past shows
  • 13/04/24 HALMSTAD at S:t Nokolai kyrka
  • 15/11/23 GÖTEBORG at Brötz
  • 12/05/23 KÖPENHAMN at El Duende Flamencoförening
  • 17/11/22 GÖTEBORG at AHA Festival Chalmers
  • 11/09/22 KOSTER at Kosterhavsfestivalen
  • 14/04/19 LERUM at Kammarmusiken i Lerum
  • 28/10/18 KOPPARBERG at Ljusnarsbergs Kammarmusikförening
  • 27/10/18 GAGNEF at Gagnefs Kyrka
  • 30/06/18 TAMPERE at Tampere Flamencovecka
  • 25/11/17 VALLENTUNA at GitarrfestiVallentuna
  • 20/09/17 GÖTEBORG at Flatåskyrkan
  • 23/07/17 KOSTER at Kosterhavsfestivalen
  • 21/11/16 FALUN at Musikkonservatoriet Falun
  • 20/11/16 GAGNEF at Gagnefs Kyrka
  • 04/10/16 GÖTEBORG at Victoriaskolan
  • 22/01/16 GÖTEBORG at Kulturnatta
  • 15/12/15 STOCKHOLM at FlamencoFredag
  • 05/12/15 GÖTEBORG at BunkerFesten
  • 22/11/15 STOCKHOLM at Guitar People’s Prize